Mia B. Profile Thumb

Mia B.

1 day ago

The garbage is always full and the gate for the parking garage needs to be fixed. Many residents leave their dog poop around the grass. Overall, a great experience and nice people. No other complaints

Madison F. Profile Thumb

Madison F.

4 days ago

Super good. I love the amenities and the apartment itself. I’m having some problems with noises from the apartments around us, but it is never too much that I can’t handle it.

Sabrina W. Profile Thumb

Sabrina W.

5 days ago

In love with the complex and how management is done recently the office has been closed quite a bit but I understand there is a lot going on at the moment, I'm also a little confused on why the renewing date for residents for the next year has an early deadline

Anna H. Profile Thumb

Anna H.

5 days ago

Its a great area with great people. I feel safe walking to classes and I don't have any noise complaints for my neighbors. The front desk is always super helpful and generally I love living here

Steven S. Profile Thumb

Steven S.

5 days ago

I really like living here. It is in a nice location to campus and to the football stadium for game days. If I wasn't graduating, then I would be resigning at Quatum.

Alexander P. Profile Thumb

Alexander P.

7 days ago

Green fee is an excuse to Charge extra. New residents are rowdy and rude. I like the amenities, and the front staff is very friendly. The new fee for flooring is also ridiculous. Overall a less than stellar experience.

Jacob H. Profile Thumb

Jacob H.

7 days ago

Clean & quiet… not much else to ask for. The pool is always really clean and there aren’t massive parties down there which I like because it doesn’t get destroyed

Madison S. Profile Thumb

Madison S.

8 days ago

I love living here and have lived here for three years now. I think the location and amenities are amazing and you can’t beat it for the price. I am sad this will be my last year here! However I do wish that the property was kept a little nicer such as landscaping, ensuring people are picking up after their dogs/themselves.