Summer Profile Thumb


2 days ago

I love quantum. I have lived here for 2 years and will be living at quantum for one more. Management is reliable and so it maintenance. Expensive, but worth it

Bailey Profile Thumb


3 days ago

Quantum is an amazing place to live as it is full of helpful and friendly staff and it is just a few steps from campus! The amenities are great and the pool is amazing for a nice, sunny day.

Addison Profile Thumb


3 days ago

absolutely loved living at quantum! sad to be moving out this year, but couldn't have asked for a better apartment! great location, staff, amenities, and rooms!

Kyra Profile Thumb


6 days ago

I like living here it’s good being a resident. Sometimes things are handled well and sometimes they aren’t. You can’t be super picky but overall management is great and kind and accommodating

Julieta Profile Thumb


21 days ago

very clean and close to campus. new management isnt as friendly and dont host free food events that brought residents close, but will help very fast for any maintenance request

Taylor Profile Thumb


27 days ago

I really loved living here! Things definitely changed after management changed but my time here has been good. The amenities are great and everyone is super friendly. I gave a lower rating because the elevator by the garage always breaks down and all of them were expired for months, which is a huge safety hazard

Kailey Profile Thumb


1 month ago

I met some of my best friends through Quantum. However, I feel management doesn’t do enough for it’s residents. We’ve been “punished” during finals week, we don’t get many days of free items like other complexes. The location is great, and the good definitely outweighs the bad in my opinion.

Maximilian Profile Thumb


1 month ago

Nice location very close to FSU, quantum has a lot of nice restaurants that are walking distance from quantum. The kitchen is very spacious as well as the individual rooms.